Have you ever wondered, what are the most important things in a relationship? or How to make your relationship stressless? or even How to have a healthy relationship? or what are the personal boundaries in a relationship?!!

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The Most Important Thing In A Relationship

 "Most Important Things in A Relationship"

Every Relationship is different and so is every person, they're different. every person is a unique personality and they're different from their partners in some contexts or almost a ton of contexts.
in a Relationship we often say that we are same, we are one by soul and heart but deep down there we know that this is not true. yes we may not be able to live without that person, we may have the exact same feelings for each other which give us a sense of unity but we are not one in terms on personality. we are not one when its about character. we both are one is just a thing we say to tickle our hearts.

Personal Boundaries in A Relationship

Personal boundaries are the limits and rules we set for ourselves within relationships. they are important. yes, they are extremely important and we must respect our partners personal boundaries. we must give our partner some room in relationship , they need to have some space for themselves in the relationship to keep the relationship healthy and long term if we seriously think that they're the one for us.
you may ask ,

What are these personal Boundaries exactly??

Well these are some of the boundaries that we have that our partners must respect and vice versa.
The Last point is The Most Most Most Important One...

1.Aspirations and Goals

we don't share same goals as our partner has in their life (well not in most cases ) and we must respect this fact that whatever our partner wants to do in their life , whatever they want to achieve in their life is their sole choice. Their life is associated to them only and we are just a part of it that they choose to keep with themselves for the rest of their lives journey. you as well should not be compromising on your goals and passion as they fall inside your personal boundaries and whatever they are your partner has to respect it. for a life without goals it is a waste to live.

2. Close Relationships

every person that we have in our life is somehow important to us if they're good with us and supports us, like our family and friends. I know your partner is extremely important to you after you both commit in a relationship but life can not be this one person for ever. our relations with our good friends, long term friends , relatives are equally important to fulfil. our partner can not tell us to remove a certain relation from our life if its not too harmful for us of course and vice versa is also true. you must respect your partners choice of friends and they must respect your good relations.
your partner has to be your top priority but if somehow you don't treat them as your priority then they can obviously ask you to keep them on the top of your priority list but they can not ask you to remove people from your life.

3.Your Past

This life is completely yours and you are the one who controls it, all the decisions that you make or have already made are completely your business and it should not be your partners business if they don't affect your relationship or your partner. the same is true for your partner. you must not be insecure about your partners past if it doesn't affect you and your relationship.

4.Rules and Moral Values

The Morals that define your character and the rules that you have had made in your life. the rules that you have made in your relationship. they are something that stick with your character rand defines it. without morals a person is character less, and your partner must respect the morals you have and the rules that you follow in a certain relationship or thing. same way you must value and respect your partners moral and let them be what they are as a person. 
This Last point is The Most Most Most Important One...

5. Your Self-Esteem

A Love relationship is the most important thing in a persons life as it make the journey of life so much easier. your companion / partner must respect your decisions and your healthy requests in a relationship. 

Any kind of violence must not be tolerated in the relationship whether its physical or mental. your partner has to value you as the gem you are. any kind of foul language must not be allowed in the relationship to address each other (if its not in sex of course 👻). 
your self esteem is the one thing that strengthens your character up and it should always be respected. 

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