Sooner or Later in Life we all realise the importance of money in life, as we grow up we start understanding that money is a necessity and end up asking ourselves...
How to make money? How to become rich? 🧐
in this article I'm going to talk about 5 things/assets that can make you money and help you become rich.
before proceeding further with the article let me tell you (if you don't know already) that can Asset is basically something that works for you and makes money for you. Your True wealth is defined by the number of assets that you own, and my friend , wealth and money are different. Money is temporary while wealth is everlasting.

now you may ask me..

Why is Owning assets important?🤨

as I explained to you above, assets work for you and make money for you. this means when you own an asset you are saving the time that you would use in making the same amount that your asset is making you. and possessing multiple assets will make you financially free faster than a regular 9 to 5 job
even as you sleep, the Asset will be making money for you.

5 Money making assets


Stocks are the easiest way to have a share in someone else's business. when you buy stock of any company listed in the stock market then you become somewhat partner of that company. and as the company prospers, you earn profit too. but but but ...
in stock trading , you have to be a long term investor of a trustworthy company if you want to make money out of this market because with the profits, you also share the loses of the company and if you look out for quick money and start day trading then that's called pure gambling as your moneys fate will depend only on the situation of that company on day to day basis.
with long term investment in different trustworthy companies you can make a ton of money as they flourish In their field.


commodities are things that people want to own as they have a value which is most likely to increase with time. for ex. Gold and Silver.
The biggest mistake that you can make in buying a commodity is JEWELLERY , don't make jewelleries out of you commodities for investment purposes as they are not a smart way to invest. instead go for digital investment , like buy digital gold or invest in gold bonds as they rise quickly in value and return very good profit.


Real estate has a lot of money and is the everlasting asset which is guaranteed to make you money throughout your life. 
there are two ways to invest in real estate, 🏡 you can own a real estate and rent it out to earn monthly money or you can BUY & SELL real estate properties as a side business for a profit or you can help someone sell their real estate property for some commission(which is what most of people are doing nowadays).


these years owning a business has really been into trends and why? because this has a big plus. when you own a business and work hard to stabilise it then that business becomes a self revenue generating machine and become your biggest asset. you will do the same work for yourself as you would have done for someone else's business in a job.
However, if you are not in a condition to own a business then consider stock trading to be a partner in someone else's business.

this last one is my favourite...


an intellectual property is something which you will have to make only once and it will make money for you your entire life , even when you are sleeping. 
for example- Courses of your perfect skill, A song , A premium website template.
things like these are made by your once and people buy them if they need them. no matter which month which year , people will buy them if they need it, if they are presented well.



hey ! you made it to the end ?🤩🤩🤩🥳
these were all of my money making tips for you. I hope this article helped you in some way and if you want to discuss more about these with me then you can always message me on my Instagram @deev.eloper 

see you soon dear reader, 
in another article.