I am writing an article after a long time. why? well honestly , I did not have enough motivation to write on any social topic due the decreasing reader response from your side. 😖 it took me quite a few days ( almost 20 days or so ) to ignore this heartbreaking response rate and encourage myself to write yet another article. hoping to be consistent this time.

We are living in the era of digitalisation and I am sure that like me you also must have seen the introduction of quite a few new things onto this online world. one of which are MEMES
now just in case if you were living under a rock for a decade or you were using Nokia 3310 let me tell you ....

What are MEMES?

Memes are elements of the online humour culture. they are basically images or videos shared  relating it to  a funny context with the intention of making it funny to the reader or consumer of the meme.

Memes are a great way to pass time when you have some spare minutes and don't really know how to utilise them to have a laugh

Memes came into living way back when the "Digital population" totally got fed up of the Good morning and Hello be my friend posts and messages by our elderlies and the person whose hobby is to pretend online that he is a girl, yes Angel Priya.

Now before proceeding further let me tell you few things....

A person who makes a meme is called a MEMER
Any person or any thing that is used inside a meme , is called a MEME MATERIAL
A person who repost these memes on his/her page and successfully gets more followers than the original memes , is called a MEME CHOR

What is my problem with MEMES?

well , personally I don't have any issue with memes and I don't think that you would also have any issue with them. 
 you are my issue..
but why so ? why would I have any problem from you? ..

Memes are a great way to crack u and have a laugh in spare times, memers are mostly good people who have an amazing sense of humour and they portray it really well too. but the audience , the audience is pure $#iT.

yes ... my problem with you is ...

if you are even a bit of what we call mature then you must have noticed and condemned this social practice of making talentless and worthless people famous by intentionally putting them into a meme. a memer or a sponsored memer does this on purpose. 
there is another social practice in which dumb people or dumb audience gives so much attention to the meme material that they end up being socially famous for no apparent reason.
why do people do this ? why do you do this ?

They think following someone from an image intended to make you laugh for a second is cool. they think they look cool when they copy the style of a meme material or the dumbness of a meme material online. 

People have dragged themselves so much into this fake coolness thing that they have lost all their sense of right and wrong. 
The artist who is Creating the original content just to make you laugh deserves your support and attention for their Amazing sense of humour and creativity but you end up following a dumb person who is intentionally doing idiotic actions and pure moronic acts to get your attention.  People like these who don't really have any talent or content creation skills does not deserve your support and supporting them does not make you look cool in your friend circle.


IT is a simple theory  read carefully ,

When you see someone doing total nonsense on internet then you feel superior, you feel happy subconsciously that you are at least better then someone and you share the meme ahead to your friend to make them have a look on the idiot. the same happens with them and soon enough the meme goes viral.. now as a lot of people are talking about the same thing and it become quite a Trend for sometime then you think that it will be cool if I acted the same like that idiotic person. no you are not alone , almost everyone starts doing this and this is the exact way how the youth is wasting their time and making nonsense popular. 

no I am not being poetic or something but I am now wrapping this article up as I  don't have more words to convey my feeling to you, I hope whatever I wrote is enough to convey my feelings on this topic to you. 
Kindly think about this , 

some examples - 
"OH bhai maaro mujhe maaro... you can find every dumb4ss saying this most of the times.."
"Peache to dekho..."

and the latest trend " BINOD"

Stop damaging your brain and develop your sense of judgement.
thanks for reading ..
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