Mydevelopmentcoach how to not be a stupid

I have  been indulged in arguments with many people at times in my life till now. and i have realised most of the times the person I was arguing to did not even had any kind of logic or fact related to their statement or their point to prove me wrong and still thought they were right.

The same thing happens with almost everybody and we play the roles of either side of the argument , either we are right or we are wrong but people never accept their defeat in arguments. ever thought why so ?
Our brain loves itself, and that is basically why we never think of ourself as the wrong side of the argument..
but does this happen with everyone's brain? if everyone thinks this way then who is actually a Stupid ? and who is actually a genius ?

Let me tell you a very short story which is quite popular nowadays...

In 1995 , a guy named McArthur wheeler , decided to rob two banks and he succeeded in doing so. he was pretty sure that he would never get caught so he had no Face mask , no fake facial cover and he even smiled at the CCTV camera But , he was indeed caught by the police soon... when the police was arresting him , he was Shocked , He was Shook , and asked the police that how can they see him as he was using lemonade rubbed on his face. Why lemonade ? well according to him as lemonade is used in making of invisible ink , it should also make him invisible if rubbed on his face.

This case of stupidity or better known cognitive bias encouraged two psychologists to carry out some experiments to understand this type of mentality better.
They conducted an exam on some students and asked them to make an estimate of their performance.

the ones who estimated their performance to be more than average actually got below average and the ones who actually performed really good estimated their performance average as they thought the test was easy for everyone as it was for them..
This resulted in the understanding of the fact that  Most People Believe they know something when they actually don't know it , and this was named as the Dunning Kruger Effect. and almost everyone has this effect in them. 
This proved two Points - 
  1. People with low competence and low knowledge try to force you into believing that they know everything and you know nothing as they think that they are really intelligent while that is not the case.
  2. Low competence people think of themselves as superiors in terms of knowledge about any topic and refuse to learn from actual experts.
According to this experiment - 
When a person knows nothing about a topic then their confidence in arguing on that topic is 0% and as soon as they learn a little bit about that topic their confidence of arguing reaches 100% as they think that they have mastered the topic and when they realise that their knowledge is still incomplete then their confidence becomes 50% and they accept that they have to learn , this way they learn and slowly become an expert in the subject. 
This effect is present in majority of the people you meet, even you may have this in you. 
example- people on social media fight and argue with anyone who challenges their partial knowledge as they think of themselves as geniuses.  they even try to prove experts wrong.(Don't be this person please)

another example - A person with a DSLR thinks of himself as a perfect photographer and argues with anyone who challenges their knowledge , they even judge the knowledge of expert photographers lol, they may have only 80% knowledge but they think that they know 100%. 
while an expert who has 70% knowledge actually knows and accepts the fact  that they lack 30% knowledge and need to learn that is why they don't indulge in most of the arguments as they have 50% confidence.

Another psychologist found out about Egoistic bias , which basically says that a person with no knowledge and no talents sits on the seventh cloud. as their brain loves itself a lot.
if we drive fast then we say that we are in hurry , if someone else drives fast the we label them stupid. this is basically called the egoistic bias. this also happens in arguments , our brain naturally rejects it being proved wrong so most people avoid logic and facts and argue unnecessarily. now you know why these stupids think they are super intelligent.


Keep Educating yourself if you ever found out that you're lacking some knowledge. don't just annoyingly sit and argue with someone for the sake of proving yourself right because this only makes you look ultra stupid.

Keep absorbing the correct points of an intelligent person or an expert , don't let your brain become egoistic. 
and most importantly , 
Don't argue with someone you think is stupid , instead save your time and do something worth your time because sometimes not speaking stupid is equivalent to a good personality and a healthy character. 
Upon wining an argument with wrong and illogical statements you may feel good and your ego satisfied , but your brain will remain undeveloped and your knowledge will always remain caged. 

However the life is too short to fight and argue , always take part in healthy discussions for good wisdom and knowledge but please don't become arrogant and annoying by being a STUPID.

Thanks for reading. much love for your time..