98% balanced life and 2% problems In life, everybody shares this rule from the very starting of life.
our life totally depends on wether we want to increase the percentage of problems or decrease it.
but we fail to realise , how?

People don't like me at all ! , my colleagues are so bad at what they do , I always have to work extra ! ,
why does this person always finds fault in what I do ??

is this what you always think in your mind? then you lack the Attitude of Gratitude in your life.
and this is exactly what I'm going to talk to you about in this article.

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude ? what is the meaning of Gratitude ??
technically Gratitude is the readiness to show appreciation to someone for something and to return kindness to someone.
but , does Practising gratitude helps ? how can it change your  life completely?
lets talk..

Why is Gratitude important ?

Attitude of Gratitude

when we argue and indulge in  small clash of thoughts and words with someone who shares a good relationship with us , we create a small line between us and them. this line makes us criticise them, we start thinking, " why does he always argue with me or why does he always find fault in me and my thinking" and all sort of negative thoughts regarding that person. 
we often don't think right about that particular person ,what does these thoughts do ? 

These negative thoughts fill our aura and energy with negativity for that person. 
this energy / vibration radiates through us and starts affecting our relationship with that person because with this negative energy  , our brain starts associating that relationship with Fights , tired efforts , verbal abuses , fear , condemn etc. 
this in turn thickens the line between us and that person and things never become that good again.

But what would have happened if we didn't have negative thoughts for them and instead we ignored our fights and had the attitude of gratitude for our relation with them ? , things would be completely different and our brain would always associate that relationship with happiness and feeling of gratitude.

Do you know ? 

Our vibrations for certain things and person have a really big effect on them. for example , Plants . 
Plants feel our vibrations when we water them and these vibrations decide the growth of plant. 
You can try for yourself , 
Water two plants for a month , while watering one of them always think " I always have to water these plants despite my busy schedule , I don't like doing this" 
and while watering the other one , think " I love taking care of this plant, I like nature so much , I am thankful that I have this plant."

This short experiment will do 2 things , first it will grow your interest toward that plant and second it would nourish the plant really well because you fed them with happiness and joy.

The same principle works on us humans.
our relationships and energies shape themselves according to our thinking and our perspective towards people.

How to increase positivity ? 

This is where our attitude of gratitude makes our life easy and enjoyable. 

1. Learn appreciating everything

We should never think bad about what we have , we should always be grateful for our life and our surroundings , problems are part of everyones life and it depends on us wether we want to deal with them with positivity or increase our problems with negativity. when we appreciate people , they return us with kindness and love.

2. Always thank the god

The first thought when you wake up in morning should be of gratitude towards the god for granting you this life , if you believe in god then it's well and good because spirituality sparks our energy with extreme positivity and helps us to deal with every problem or issue , but if you don't believe in god for some reason then you should always thank your parents in your mind every morning for giving you this beautiful life of yours and taking a good care of you always because your parents are in no manner less than God.

3. Always thank your family 

Your family is always there for you in every situation , they are with whom you learn living life. 
so whenever you do anything for your family do it with feeling of extreme happiness and love for them because I already told you above how our vibrations affect our relations and their growth.
don't involve the feelings of tiredness in what you do for your family , let it be cooking or going to market.

4. Always thank your work

Our work is what provides us with money and money is what we use to nourish us and our family with.
being grateful towards our work indulges our money with happiness and joy which  in turn nourishes our family and us with happiness and joy.

never do anything forcefully as it produces negative thoughts in your mind and associates that job with tiredness and forcefulness.

5. Always thank your body and mind

Thanking your body and mind is the way of appreciating your health and life which boosts your immune systems and provides you with extreme stamina to complete yet another day with all your focus and concentration.

6. Don't Self criticise 

When we criticise ourselves by thinking that our concentration is not good , our focus is not good , I always fail to make my family happy , I always make my loved ones unhappy. then we subconsciously train our mind into thinking and doing negative only , that is why we should avoid self criticising , now this doesn't mean that go rob a bank and be grateful , Always stick to your morals and Sanskars.


Always be thankful for what you have and take care of your relations with others in a very good manner, don't lose yourself to a less productive and less happy life. always find joy in small things because this life is too short to not enjoy and Cheris love.

meet you soon ,
                with another article.

till then..
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