I love you
this has become a trend now. everyone is forcing themselves to be in love , peer pressure of course.
Love has lost its true meaning and that is why most "Young people" fail to realise what actual love is and what is the difference between love and attraction or what is the difference between love and infatuation.

In this article , I am going to talk about What actual Love is , and what the generation today has done to its meaning.
so read it as if I was there talking to you with a cup of whatever you like.

What is Love , for the youth today ?

This generation , the nibba-nibbi generation , has been influenced by social media and their new-new arrival on internet so much that all they think of is Fame and attention. and for this attention seeking they have manipulated the meaning of Love to having a girlfriend or a boyfriend to show off on social media or to their friends. 
and this has been made successful by the help of "meme pages". let me introduce you to their version of love.

" Love is the satisfaction to your ego by having a photogenic person by your side whom you can call your boyfriend or girlfriend and boost your ego by posting your babu shona drama all over the internet and show off that you are so trendy and cool that you are in a relationship, at the age of playing Ludo with your siblings and focusing on your homework."

You can spot such people by their frequent use of  " even this one cheated on me" , no kid , they didn't cheat on you. they are playing the same social coolness game as you and hence they are increasing their  count of "pseudo-love stories" so that they can boast about it to everyone they know of their age or younger to them to even influence them into doing the same.

this was just me ranting about the teenagers today.
 lets start the discussion already. 
sorry but this rant was extremely important to clear the minds of most of the teenagers who think social coolness is everything. 

now on a serious note lets talk ...

what is true love

What is Actual Love ?

Love is a feeling , a behaviour , a belief , a mind set. 
I can't describe love through a scientific definition as just like me most of you won't connect to the definition, you have to feel what I'm trying to tell you.

Love is when you can't get over a person. it is when you can't stay without thinking about that person. love is when you don't want to miss any chance to be with that one person or even to see that person.
love is when you value and respect their choices over yours. Love is when all you want to see is happiness on that person's face. Love is when you have no personal benefit from that person but still have made them a very important or mandatory part of your life. Love is when you don't miss opportunities to meet that person.
Love is when you search quotes for her or quotes for him to make them feel special.
love is when you use love calculators like sillies just to see the perfection of your connection.
it is when start writing Romantic shayari for that person.

but , then 

 What is Attraction ?

Attraction is what you like about that person and how you want yourself to be associated with that quality.  do you want to be boyfriend of the most beautiful girl of your  college?. or do you want to be gf of the most popular guy in your school?. or do you want to be known as the lover of the famous girl/guy of your class?. to fulfil these desires you force yourself into loving that person and fail to realise the truth between love and attraction.

lets say , you like a girl with a beautiful face and a really good aura. you can't get rid of her thoughts in your brain , you can't stop imagining both of you together. 
well , in simple words , Attraction is when you see something good about a person and feel the necessity of being in the life of that person as an important part of their life so that you have all their attention to you. 
Most people call this love. but no , this is not love , this is attraction.
Love is never so quick , love takes time.

What is infatuation?

infatuation is the feeling that you want to have with a certain person. Like the feeling of being the boyfriend of a hot girl. feeling of being the girlfriend of a funny guy. 
lets say, you like a girl with a cute voice and beautiful face. you immediately realise that it would be amazing to be the boyfriend of such a girl , and yet again you force yourself and your mind to believe that you are in love with them.
Love never makes you think of your benefits from that person.
love never forces you to  rely on that person for your happiness and sadness.

then  ?

What is the deference in love , attraction and infatuation?

Love is when you want to be with that person forever. 
Attraction and infatuation is when you want to be with that person to feel good.

Love is when you want to make the other person happy.
Attraction and infatuation is when you want yourself to feel happy with them.

Love is when you can't live without that person for even a minute and can't stop thinking about that person when you guys are apart from each other. 
Attraction and infatuation is when you don't want that person to be separated from your name.

Love is when you care about that person and you receive that care back.
Attraction is when you worry about that person that what is they leave you , what if they find someone better.

When people are in actual love or true love then they don't avoid each other , they don't avoid their counterpart to spend time with some other person or activity, you can have blank time with that person but you will never avoid them if you truly love them.

When people are in love they don't get tired of each other at all. you can tolerate their sh!t almost forever , its becomes your cup of tea to tolerate that person ,you don't mind their silliness or their clumsy behaviour.

When you are in love you guys can never ever be separated from each other, like never ever ever. Nothing in the world can separate you from being with the other person even if you want it yourself. your mind , body , heart just won't let you do it. 

This is why people in "TRUE LOVE" don't have breakups. 

I hope this has made your perception of love clear.

I would say that 
TRAIN YOUR MIND TO SEE THE TRUTH , so that you can save yourself from following the "Trend sheep" and can save your time and mental health to do productive in your life , Love will find its way to you. 
The person whom you can't resist. the person whom you can never leave. the person  you can never  get annoyed of. the person who makes it beautiful for you to live this life. the person who makes it look like that you can't live without them at any cost, Will find their way to you. 

Attraction and infatuations are parallels to heartbreaks and the feeling of hurt.
Love is there for you in every way , your parents , your family, that special person. you just need to realise with whom you feel what. 
Love is a positive energy that motivates you to see yet another day of your life.
don't feed your brain with toxic trend of this society. 
You are a beautiful creation, you have a thinking of your own. 
you have the ability to choose what's good for your life and you.

Meet you soon 
                 with another article.

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