what is the write therapy

How to stay Happy alone? how to find happiness? how to stay happy always? 
do you find yourself thinking this ?

well, don't we all think this at some point of time in our life? like who doesn't want to become happy and stay happy when they're alone or have no "Actual Friends" ?

in this article I'm going to discuss about happiness and how to stay happy alone
if you're a frequent reader ,You know the Drill , IMAGINE as if I'm right there having a one on one talk with you over some tea or whatever you like the most.

Tell me , 

What is Happiness?

we  must agree that we never ever thought of having a formal definition of Happiness
we know that we're happy when we feel it.
Happiness is actually the word that we use to describe the range of Our positive emotions including , joy , gratitude , cheerfulness, Pride etc
but we often find ourselves mis-using this word , most of us use this word Happiness for Subjective-wellbeing, in simple words , we use Happiness to measure the satisfaction we have with our life at current moment.
is happiness really this ?

Happiness -
is the Experience of joy , positive wellbeing of self and loved ones , pride, being loved , and contentment.
combined with the sense that our life is good and we're enjoying it.

When do we feel like we need to stay happy? 

well there may be many instances when we need to find the ways of keeping ourself happy.
Generally after some disappointing event we look out for things that may make us happy and feel little better about our life.
it's human psychology that we tend to be dependent on others for our source of happiness and that is why we basically make friends.


we all know that best friends make our life a little less boring and fill it with immense happiness, but who is your best friend??
It's YOU , yes you.
You are your Best-est Friend and you are the ultimate source of your happiness
then why do you look out for your happiness in /with others? specially if you have an introverted personality.

What to do to Stay Happy?

SPEND TIME WITH YOURSELF once in a while or EveryNight.

When you spend time with yourself 
  • you get to know yourself better
  • you get to know your interests better.
  • you develop the ability of choosing correct for yourself.
  • you develop the ability to form an opinion on things.
  • you get to know about your talents and skills better.

What is the best way to spend time with yourself?

This is what I actually wanted to talk about

I call this method , 

                                                             THE "WRITE" THERAPY.

How to stay happy alone

yes Writing , when alone, writedon't care about the topic , just write.
Write about your first career break.
write about your first best friend.
write about your past memories.
write about your future plans or the life that you have dreamt of.
write about that one person who is special to you.
Write about everything you can possibly think of.

When we write , we get to analyse our thinking. we get to know the real us.
writing includes hand movements ofcourse, and this makes us stress free.
writing on certain Scenarios in our life helps us to get a clear vision of that scenario.

I personally follow this therapy since when I was 15. 
and believe me when I say , I'm the type of guy who doesn't like interacting much.
I tend to keep myself alone and only certain people are allowed to enter my space. this way i was naturally forced to find my happiness in myself only and this was when I discovered that writing is actually really helpful to develop my character, and it also improved me in many languages as I used to try my hand on many languages. writing helped me stay strong even when I had almost no friends and this habit of mine eventually got  me new friends online and I really had a fun time but as I said external happiness is temporary and the reasons for external happiness keeps on changing, new people arrive in your life , some people leave you , and this should not be affecting you in any manner as this is what life really is. 
Why do you think people become poets and writers after a major heartbreak?
Happiness comes from within you and it nourishes your aura , your aura in turn attract people towards you. when people get attracted towards you then yo get both self happiness and external happiness. that is basically what is happening in my life right now. 
Having friends is the best feeling in life and having good friends is even better but not everyone is there t make you feel important or cared and that is where your self love and self happiness comes handy.
I know the struggles of a teenager as I have felt it myself , everyone wants to be noticed and important for others and when this doesn't happen then we become sad and unhappy which in return makes our aura and our vibes negative , hence pushing people away.   

Writing when you feel sad allows you to talk to yourself and get the solution of that sadness quickly.
Writing when you have something heavy on your heart helps you to get rid of the burden that you are facing alone in your life.
Writing therapy in most cases can help a person out depression.

My Humble suggestion to you would be to find your source of happiness in yourself only as it will completely change your life and the life of people around you because when you are happy without any external dependancy then you also become able to make and keep others Happy. 
Happiness coming from external sources is temporary and every time it goes away it affects your life. 
I know whatever I shared you must have probably already known all this, but the thing is , not many of you apply this on yourself and that is where you are lacking on your life. it may sound boring but writing is a character developing skills and people get attracted towards a good character rather then a Cool person with a bad character.

Find your best friend in yourself first and then go make another best buddy you can share everything with. 
Because without Friends and family also this short life is incomplete and not much fun.

Meet you soon 
                with another article. 

meanwhile share your ways of staying happy in comments if possible.

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