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This is going to be a little lengthy so please read and imagine as if I was there in front of you talking to you , this advice from my side is surely worth your 5min .

These tags mentioned above are something that all of us have searched on the word wide web at some point  of time in our lives. However not many of us realise that in legit ways to get famous on social media comes a good number of obstacles in our path.

The youth today is so eager to become a viral sensation on social media overnight that it doesn't even care about the ways that makes one famous. this might also be the case for most of you reading this post right now.

Let me tell you that something which is achieved by false means may shine in your eyes for some time but it doesn't last for too long. if you don't trust me then you can read my own experience on my previous post about the idiocy we teenagers do by clicking (right here).

So to save you from wasting your time like I did searching the shortcuts to get famous on social media overnight I came up with this blog , feel free to discuss it with me in comment sections after reading the complete blogs because discussions surely lead to effective results and it might also help us in building a community of titans who are ready to bring for success in their life.

How to Become Famous on social media

What are the basic steps to become famous on social media ?

Well if you ask me , 
  1. The First step is to start of with anything that we want to do so that people may know us for , is to decide the niche or the content that we can provide to our audience so that they can connect with us in a good way.
  2. once you have decided your content , that one content you are sure you can produce so good that people find it entertaining to connect with you , then the next step is to Find out the Correct Platform that you can showcase your content on , Now lets be practical , it is not possible for a person to become famous on all the social media platforms at once right. so we gotta choose the platform we can engage audience for ourselves on. for example if you are good at making short videos you might want to become famous on tiktok or if you have a really good knowledge about something or you can make really funny and entertaining long length videos then you might want to get famous on YouTube.

What are the Requirements to get famous on social media?


The first and foremost requirement to get fame is self confidence, yes you read it right self confidence is what is going to keep you consistent for your dream of becoming famous if you are really hungry for the legit organic fame.

if you decide that you can do something and you have total faith in yourself then you end up t achieve the goal and this probability is almost 89% enhanced because of Self confidence , its not only me saying this but the psychologists that I have researched on.


The second requirement is know your skill or build them according to the platform of your choice , now , people like to watch something which has perfection and perfection comes with enhancing your skills , lets say you make YouTube videos , and you don't know how to edit well while your competitor does. will people watch your unpolished content ?? will they be able to connect with you ? absolutely not , so find out what skills you have or else learn them.


This point right here is really important , even you know that the internet is full of content creators , to be honest a lot of content creators , producing tons of content daily. if you really want to achieve the fame then you have to be UNIQUE with your content or else your hard work will fade away in the mist of the creator tornado. the thing you have to keep in mind is with uniqueness people want entertainment  , they drool over entertainers, so make sure your unique content is entertaining.


As you have reached small small milestones in your journey now. you have to two the most important thing , building a community gives you assurance of an audience base and provide a like minded group of people to discuss about your content and why they like to see you.


In the journey of getting famous people loose motivation and start being lazy with their content. 
being consistent is extremely important so that people don't forget you , if they forget you you go out of sight and miserably fail in your task to become a big fame. lets accept it , in everyone's way hard times arise , but we must tackle them to keep moving ahead or else we get caught up in the just of that demotivating moment and quit.


Engaging with your audience is really really important , if you don't engage with people they tend to cut off from you too , this is the exact reason why we don't like newsperson but drool over celebs, because celebs keep interacting with us. 
PATIENCE is the key to keep yourself climbing the ladder of success. you have to keep in mind that in this vast sea of content , your content will not get noticed straight away you post it so please don't keep checking your phone for the number of likes or views , they will surely increase , you will get noticed if you do everything I told you in the correct way because getting famous is not an easy task . 
if you don't get the lime light today then you will get it tomorrow just keep going my champ , I believe in you , I know you can , and I know if you truly want , you will become famous soon. 

This was all from my side , I strongly believe that I covered everything that you need to know before jumping straight into it.
wishes from my side , do comment and interact with me I would love to know you. 
meet you soon with another Article.


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