Depression / feeling sad is what we are going to discuss about today in this article , I'm going to clear everything about depression today at a very basic level so you can clearly understand what this mental health issue is and what the youth today generally misinterprets its meaning to be.

Imagine as I write ....
are you in depression or are you feeling sad / are you feeling depressed ? , have you ever thought of the difference between these two? well most of us can't differentiate much between depression and feeling depressed as the symptoms are completely identical. this is what I'm going to clear today for you and also going to encourage you to help people get out of it.

What is Depression?

in simple words , Depression is a mental health issue which is often defined as the feeling of sadness and great loss. Depression is the leading cause of disability in world as it leaves a person totally blank from inside. in depression , people find it hard to interact with their surroundings and lose their major senses.

but why is it that the youth today has made it common ? 
why is it that everyone today says that they are in Great Depression.
is Depression , the new cool?
people have misinterpreted it so much that they have made a trend out of its name.

you have to understand , Depression is not cool. Someone who is really going through this mental health issue has to bear a lot. they don't really want you to make a trend out of it, believe me when I say that you wouldn't want to face depression. a mental disorder leaves a person completely restless and inactive that he almost loses his life in a sense

then what is it that you feel when you are extremely sad? I mean yes , feeling sad , and Depression bot are somewhat same.

There is a major Difference between Clinical Depression & Feeling Depressed.

what are the cause of Depression?

  • low self-esteem or being self-critical
  • personal history of mental illness
  • being bullied.
  • stressful events, such as loss of a loved one, economic problems, or a breakup.
Many factors can influence feelings of depression, as well as who develops the condition and who doesn’t.

What are the Symptoms of Depression?

  • Low mood
  • Low interest in daily activities
  • Changes in apetite
  • Feeling of worthlessness
  • Excessive feeling of guilt
  • Poor concentration
  • either too much or no sleep
  • Restlessness / slowness
  • Loss of energy 
and the most important symptom 

  • Recurrent thoughts of suicide

According to the Psychiatric guideline , if anyone faces more than 5 symptoms for more than 5 days then they completely qualify to be diagnosed for this mental health issue, otherwise its just the feeling of being depressed due to some recent event.

This is what we have to understand because due to these stupid trending keyword habits of todays  youth we fail to identify the real victims of such dangerous mental disorders.

we either think that they are also acting sad and lonely to become cool in someone's perspective.

but for general information I would like to tell you a fact , It takes almost 10 years for a mentally ill person to ask for HELP. ( according to National Institute of Mental health).

a depressed person has some serious issue of mood swings , They get easily pissed off , they are easy to make cry , they easily breakdown , they easily lose hope in anything.

now you may ask ...

What should we do?

well according to me , if you think of yourself as an intelligent entity, then please stop using such terms just to feel cool and look out for those who are related to you and are having these symptoms.discuss about their thoughts , discuss what they feel , discuss about why they are feeling so,  so  that they can speak out their heart to you , so that they don't have to wait 10 years to reach out for help.

you , believe me , you are really powerful if you know how you use your existence in this world , you are god's mightiest creation , you should behave like one and help others.
because one who helps others without any personal greed , receives wisdom. 

You should avoid getting into any such deep thinking which may affect your mental health in any manner.
you should have atleast someone you can speak your heart out to.
you should listen to someone seriously when they ask you for any kind of help. 

you can change someone's like by adding just a fraction of effort.

in the end if you feel any of my thought was wrong then do tell me in the comments. I tried to make you aware of the pseudo coolness of the society that is affecting many people and I hope that you will see through the clouds of fake coolness and reach the inner you that is wise , helpful and supportive. 
don't let anyone be alone , everyone deserves to be loved.

meet you soon 
                 with another article. 


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